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change -- votes are being counted after zimbabwe's referendum, which could change the way the country is governed. live pictures of st. peter's square for the first mass given by the new pope. is doubt over whether a controversial bailout for cyprus will be passed by the nation parliament -- the nation's parliament. trying tobeen withdraw as much cash as possible because they may soon have to pay up to 10% of their savings to the government. this is one of the conditions that has been set up by the eurozone, part of its $13 billion rescue package. the proposed bailout has sparked outrage. one account holder has threatened to knock down the bank with a bulldozer. people have been pulling out as much of their savings as they can before the agreement goes into effect. the situation is unacceptable. they have deceived the people by saying they would not touch the deposits. >> why should they take our money? i cannot understand this. we work and we deposit our money for our own purposes, and they come to take our money. this is unfair. >> for a look at how this is going to work -- people w
of climate change. >> hello, again, you are watching al-jazeera. top story, hamid karzai has been meeting the emir of kosar as part of ongoing peace with the taliban. this could be used as a base of future negotiations. kenya has increased security following riots over the saturday election rulings. two people were killed after the high court rejected claims of fraud. a prominent egyptian comedian has handed himself in to prosecutors to face questioning. he has a riot -- he arrived at the high court earlier. under complaints that he had insulted islam and the egyptian president. pope francis called for peace while leading his first easter sunday celebration. tens of thousands of people attended the open air mass to mark the holiest day in the christian calendar. how was this mass received by the crowds? >> received very well. i have to say that a couple of times the crowd erupted in a big applause, particularly after the pope appeared on the main balcony here in the square. he gave the message in latin for safety and the world, traditionally a message of peace. this year, however, he brok
, to house and welcome a community year-round, to celebrate the changing of the seasons, to welcome autumn, and see it turn into spring. we wanted to find a way to free the spirit in people. and among our visitors have been margot adler, beltane, dancing the maypole, calling the joy of life back as ribbons entwine, moving to ritual, through the setting sun. and old hay barn, converted into a community center. these were our dreams, and this is our land. a way to bring mirth and reverence together. a way to merge with the elements. a torch-lit ritual area. the call to dance by the fire. community. magic. [drum playing ends] >>now, that is a beautiful visual image of your dream, and we see it there. now, the one thing i've learned in my years of messing up other people's spiritual perceptions is for me not to do the talking about it. here in class, we've of course talked about some characteristics of primal religion with indigenous peoples, and those are generalizations about a land-centered and earth-centered spirituality. you've probably developed some questions right here. why don't we ge
is that this is an actual battle which is the hidden struggle between the change and the status quo. basically criticizing what happened and saying that he has been forced to challenge the decision. now, what happens next is that the supreme court and the judges there will have to look at the petition, look at the evidence presented to them. they have two weeks to do so, but what has happened already, because of this petition, is the en august ration of the president-elect, uhuru kenyatta has been delayed from 26 march to 16 april, and that is if the court actually throws out the petition and agrees that kenyatta is president. >> in the meantime, we're getting reports of tear gas being fired at odinga's out on the street. just how destabilizing is this refusal of his to accept the election results? >> well, i have to say, it was quite a small cloud outside the supreme court and what you're describing happened earlier in the day to disperse that cloud. it was outside the court. the crowd was pretty vocal. there were politicians up and speaking to the cloud, to people who were singing. yet some people were
to support a center-left coalition. position has not changed. we expressed with absolute clarity. we were and still are available to support a coalition government with the democratic party, the people of freedom, the northern league, and civic joyce. >> a former bosnian serb command has been jailed for atrocities during the balkan conflict. he was known as a monster. sarajevo the area of that he terrorized during the war. he stalked hise prey. this is a neighborhood of sarajevo occupied by the bosnian serbs during the siege of the city. was part of a paramilitary unit called the white angels that inflicted a reign of terror on the non-ser populationb . he is accused of torture, rape and the murder of 31 civilians. his father and three of his neighbors were taken and never seen again. it was here that they took him. -- he took them. he was indifferent. this man was lifted off the streets. later, his body was found in a local creek and his parents treasure the few possessions found with them. dead but my child was when i saw the people around like other mothers and brothers and sisters, i
. >> a leading human rights activist who has been tirelessly campaigning to change yemen's history of mistreating women. >> you have hundreds and hundreds of women who really have a very loud voice, who are , who have the confidence after the revolution to fight and challenge any obstacles. a prominent activist in the south, where an activist movement is demanding independence from the north. >> our fight in the south is peaceful. the national dialogue is a platform for us to tell the world about our cause and find a solution. dialogue is the only solution. andhey are all young resilient, fighting for different causes, but all sharing the same dream -- a new yemen where girls won't have to worry about their rights being violated. equal representation in the government and the state institutions may be a long way to go, but women in yemen are convinced this is a time to fight for more political and social rights. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. >> in the united states, thousands of teachers in chicago have protested against plans to shut down schools in poor neighborhoods. the city council says the
and in the past five years or so, south korea and the u.s. have tried to change this dynamic. and now with kim jong ill, he or whoever is behind this is still pushing this line, and i thought what is dangerous is now the other side they view the u.s. and south korea are not playing this game anymore and now he is an untested leader for sure. that's where i suppose this extra tension can come from, but ultimately right now we can just call it rhetoric. >> north korea is one of three cuvens that blocked the u.n.'s attempt of the selling of weapons around the world. our james reports from the u.n. in new york. >> the rules of these proceedings call for consensus. everyone had to agree. but three nations, all of them used to international condemnation, voice their objections. >> iran. due to many legal flaws and loopholes. >> then north korea and then syria. the australian chairing the meeting was not going to give up there. he left the rest of the delegates behind and took the three ambassadors in the room did they really want to block is a treaty that had been years in the making? the meeting re
for next year's tournament. now this report. team.y were in asia's top a lot has changed. persia arences of sliding. this iranian football great says arrogance, money, and mismanagement are to blame. >> some things have ended football suggest money and luxury cars. the players don't think about football for the national team. they think about what they will earn this year. >> he was part of the team that gave iran its first world cup appearance in 1978 and three asian cup titles. after that, iran never won the tournament began and now it's in danger of not qualifying for next year's world cup. analysts and former players say coaching selections are also to blame. >> last year carlos was recruited. brought him as a sedative to help. neither he nor for an iranian coaches work with players at domestic clubs and it's a serious problem. >> the disputes are public and have resulted in high-profile sackings and refusal to play in the past couple years. we're at one of the biggest matches on the calendar between archrivals. despite the condition of hearing in football, this match still brings ou
change is complete, but will the new premier be able to bridge the gap between rich and poor? offusion over the safety the dreamliner. boeing says it is ready to fly again soon, but japan assists -- insists it is not. evidence has emerged alleging that congolese government soldiers have raped more than 120 women in the past 20 months, and that does not include cases that go unreported. hundreds of sexual assaults have been reportedly carried out by troops and rebels. government forces have been east in congo in large numbers since 2008, joining forces with rwandan troops to tackle the democratic forces for the liberation of her wanda. the fdlr. congolese troops have failed to defeat them, and since last year, a rebel group has arrived in eastern congo, presenting forces with another challenge. there are other atrocities. human rights groups have raised concerns about sexual violence as a weapon of war. rape iscountry where used as a weapon of war, this woman's story is a common one. she was out collecting food and would when she was raped by congolese soldiers. i don't know who to blam
the bread anyway, let alone with the proposed changes. >> if i can't make it work, i will shut my bakery down. no matter what the government tries to do with me. >> trouble is egypt can't grow enough wheat to feed its people and they can't afford to increase production. it needs to be paid for with dollars, precisely what egypt doesn't have right now >> the challenges facing the egyptian government are so new mexico us are. -- -- numerous. >> there is no easy or painless solution to the economic problems. in some ways the whole of egypt, not just its poor, is today on the bread line. >> the internet has reportedly slowed down after one of the biggest cyberattacks ever recorded. it is unprecedented. a run of possible further disrippingses. a european organization block spam content was targeted. detainees on a hunger strike at ib have made new -- goib guantanamo bay. the men are protest g over their indefinite confinement and harsh treatment at the camp. a massive landslide in washington state in the u.s. has cut off more than 12 homes. residence in whidbey island reported hearing a boom
people live in the dealtia. it's fertile land but extremely vulnerable to climate change. coastal cities were built at low elevation and rising sleafls are putting millions of people at isk. a few years ago in front of this building there was a football pitch. now it looks more like a is stillpool and water spreading further inland. it's forced people to think create tively. for the faxers that can afford it, one way to avoid seawater corrupting their crops is to elevate the land using sand. it's an effective solution but it's very expensive but it's often difficult for the farmers to find the right sand. hagem sold half his land to pay to elevate the other half. he considers himself one of the luckier farmers around here. translator: for the young farmers who buy or inherit the land from their parents, it's particularly they don't have many to elevate it so they get no income and aban da it or selling it for nothing. >> scientists complain governments have ignored the dangers of climate change. they warn around 10% of the land in delta could be ruined in the next 10 years if nothing is
will be a driving force to implement the much awaited changes. aljazeera, the vatican city. >> in syria, rebels have launched another attack to capture the international airport in the city of aleppo. they had tried to take control for weeks. video claims to assure air strikes on saturday. continuing between government troops and rebels in northern maile. one soldier was injured. this happened as the french president, francois hollande, said the french president forces had accomplished their goals. they will defer taking control until mid january. a national army. there was a battle between the french forces and rebels in the north. north korean state television has continued its propaganda offensive, showing large rallies by officers and civilians. near daily threats from p'yongyang, including launching nuclear strikes against the u.s., and they maintain that a full-scale war in the peninsula is unlikely. egyptian talk-show host has been answering allegations. he has now been released on bail, but controversy surrounds the case. chanting his name, they protested against the decision of the prosecut
to be rising out of the change in the catholic mass, the roman mass, from the latin mass to the english mass, or at least as it's celebrated in the united states, was the loss of the mystery and the symbolism that was inherent in latin, and that was just, removed from the mythic realm - if you want to call that mythic at least from the ritual aspect. >> yeah. it's dangerous to take too much tradition out of the mythic realm, and i think you're so right with the latin. if you've heard the chanting, the gregorian chants in latin, there is something that's more, mysterious in that way. i think you're really right, because it comes out of that ancient format. yeah, janet? >> i attended a ritual over the weekend. i was with a kidney operation survivor's group, and one of their members had passed away, so they had a spiritual - it was a nondenominational kind of thing. she had one big candle and she had five little candles, a candle for memory and a candle for joy and a candle for suffering, a candle for all these things. each of the five people who knew this woman who had died lit one of the litt
of another revolution, as a whole new range of digital technologies will change both the business and style of motion pictures. in this program, narrated by cliff robertson, we will see some surprises as tv collided with the movies in "film in the television age." ♪ just friends ♪ lovers no more ♪ just friends ♪ but not like before ♪ film... tv. one is reverential, the other is "i'm dominating." (charles champlin) the whole story of movies in the last 40 years is the competitive fight with television, the movies responding to what tv does do or doesn't do, can't do, and so on. i don't think it's been a struggle at all. i think there's been a complete symbiosis. i think they are mutually dependent. i think they are coming closer and closer together. i don't think it's a struggle at all. (robert altman) any film i've made has been seen by more people on tv than it ever has in cinema. but i don't think it makes any difference. eventually, every house will have a 6- to 8-foot screen and you sit 10 feet away from an 8-foot screen, you just as well be in the front at the ziegfield. (mu
that does signal some kind of change, whether there is pressure on the leadership, that's the big question, whether he may may be trying to shore up his position, exactly what kind of leader is he, exactly what is he being advised to do by his generals? what has prevailed up until now is the fact that north korea, the leadership there, is very keen on its own survival. if they were to launch a full-out assault, they could expect to be defeated in relatively short order. that is what many people have been counting on stopping north korea doing anything too provocktific. >> the united states has nominated air force general to become nato's top military commander. his nomination was widely expected and has been endorsed by ambassadors from nato's member nations. he's in charge of air force units in europe and africa. he needs to be confirmed by united states senate before taking charge of nato. the u.n. security council unanimously approved the formation of a military unit to fight rebels in the democratic republic of congo. we have the story on the special force for the d.r.c. >> the draft r
. unless they change their worldview or change their game planned, then they will need to respond to that. i think there will be mr. exercises -- missile exercises, probably another launch. they will keep upping the ante. they have later resilience and resolve -- greater resilience and resolve did they feel that they can push it and the other parties will back down -- and resolve. they feel that they can push it and the other parties will back down. it is really nerve-racking. >> thank you very much. the running mate of kenyon prime primeer -- kenyan minister raila odinga says that the election has been rigged. kalonzo musyoka is not calling for protests. been a -- >> there has total failure of the electronic votes transmission system. we have evidence that the results we are receiving have actually been doctored. in some cases, total votes cast exceed the number of registered voters. because of these concerns, we as a coalition take the position that the national vote counting process lacks integrity and has to be stopped and restarted using primary documents from the polling stations. .
not be enough time to put his funeral up for all to see, prompting the government to change plans. after the funeral, his casket will remain here for least another seven days to give everyone a chance to say goodbye. after that, he will be moved to the historic military museum. >> it was the place that the then a lieutenant colonel used as his military base to launch a failed military coup against the venezuelan government in 1990. >> addressing the crowds, vice- president nicolas maduro, the interim president, made another announcement. >> it has been decided to prepare the body of the commander president to be left to it be seen internally as of the people can have him there in his museum of the resolution. argentina, too havervative chile, they all declared a day of mourning and. he may have been loathed by foes, but they cannot deny that he left an indelible mark. al-jazeera, caracas. >> kicking off in a secretive vote to elect the next set of the catholic church. 115 cardinals are in the vatican. they will choose a successor to paul bennett dipped xvi. he became the first leader to
against him. >> most of the western countries if they have any opinion, they have to change it. it has been decided today. what kenyans see is what they have to respect. >> the mood was a lot more somber here. the expected to win the election in the first round appeared to have lost comprehensively amid all of the allegations of vote ringing brings disturbing echoes of 2007. >> it will destroy the station forever. it will not serve anyone's interests. >> these are his of the soldiers, a fiercely loyal young men who saw this as a chance for political reform. the also remember the violence after the last vote that almost destroyed their home. >> it is somewhere. we have the time to cool it off. the time will be decided by the courts. >> the issue with the boards, we entrusted them. we trusted with all of their fate is that they will do something different than what they did in 2007. >> nobody here want to go back to those dark days. while people still have their complaints, it seems kenyans have also learned some painful lessons. al jazeera. >> a nigerian group says it has killed seven f
. >> cigarettes and alcohol are enjoyed by many russians, there are some changes on the way. the president is banning smoking in the public and hacking taxes on drink. there are concerns the changes could have dangerous consequences. a cornerstone of life in russia, the average russian drinks 18 leaders of a bobcat each year. vodkaders of -- liters of each year. the president is waging war on the two vices with surprising support. >> if the numbers of places they can smoke is reduced, more people will consider quitting. >> if the next generation is not healthy, there is no future for our country. >> a new law banning cigarettes sales from kiosks will take effect on the first of june. next year, it will extend to restaurants and bars. spirits are being taxed by an extra 30% and drinking in public places is not illegal. some are defined. >> those who drink will continue to drink. >> bars like this are having to pass on the extra cost of the alcohol taxes to their customers, raising prices. the fact that parliament is debating whether to raise the minimum drinking age could force teenagers to
protesters who were killed, just for calling for change. is this the way to honor their legacy? >> pro-democracy activists have filled the square for months. they see themselves as the driving force for change in yemen, but they still find themselves a minority in a national dialogue dominated by the same traditional political elite. a senior member of the former president, ali abdul a select's -- ali abdullah saleh's party. >> if all the ability to lead -- ali abdullah saleh was not convinced it was the right time to transfer power -- it is impossible to hold onto power forever. >> there is tight security at the main entrances of the capital. delegates from all political factions will meet to decide the future of the country. the key issues are the rise of a separatist movement in the south and the she had -- and those in the north. they have six months to draft a new constitution that will pave the way to a new era in yemen. >> this is going to be a historical event. -- unitedted nation's nations' envoy to yemen. >> months ago, the country was on the verge of give -- of going to civi
not believe any major policy changes will happen soon and many leaders still believe that there has to be a cost for economic progress. opponents of same-sex marriage are going to take to the streets in paris later. the national assembly has voted to approve the law allowing a homosexual couples to marry and adult children. , published by heavy fine, and it leads gay people to feel persecuted. some feel it is part of a government campaign against gay people. >> she never used to be comfortable showing attention to her girlfriend in public, but she changed after being attacked. she was determined not to help -- not to hide her sexuality anymore. >> they hit me, i hit back. it lasted a few minutes. the next day we reported it to the police. after three months the case had broken. the gay community is worried ,hat if there is a national ban it could create an environment of dollars of for hatred. and last year moscow band came -- gay pride parades in the street for 100 years. with up to a fine of $16,000. >> propaganda can harm the health and moral and spiritual development. it can giv
is not concerned. our world is changing. >> on a sunny sunday, families and friends filled cafÉs. you would not know there is a crisis here, not unless you listened in on any one of the conversations taking place. >> the countries going to collapse. period. that's it. everyone's blaming each other. the point is, it's going to collapse. >> away in brussels, the fate of a nation is being decided. if agreement can't be reached on the measures, cyprus must take to contribute to its own bailout, the european central bank has said it will cut off lifeline funding for the banks. it is a threat many find unacceptable in such complicated and unprecedented times. are minister said he had a pistol held to his head. that pistol was held by mario draghi. that pistol has to be withdrawn. it still on our heads. it will remain on our heads until tuesday, when he fires the shot. >> for a country that feels the odds are stacked against it, there are only two options now. both options are bad. both will change lives and futures. as one eu official put it, there are no optimal solutions anymore, only hard choi
bodyguards. it is the demographics of east jerusalem change, it becomes more difficult for this to become the future capital of a palestinian state. >> thousands of demonstrators have converged at the u.s. supreme court which has begun to hear arguments about demerits. whether california's ban on the unions is constitutional. -- hear arguments about a gay marriage. first up is whether california's ban on gay unions is it constitutional. >> many of those thousands of people here on the steps of the supreme court on tuesday have waited for decades and decades to have their day in court. two cases have come along at once and they wanted to be here to witness history in the making. a kiss to mark the start of today's of -- today is the argument on marriage at the supreme court. hunter says he has been campaigning in favor of gay marriage since the age of 14. >> there are no good arguments that stand up to a logical debate against same-sex marriage that do not have religious origins. >> she came all the way from boston with a picture out for family. >> they all deserve the right to marry in ma
. in pakistan -- when pakistan decided to change a 40-euro policy toward india where we decided to more -- normalize trade with them, we decided we would be forward-looking and keep our eyes on the future of our children rather than the past of our grandparents. so really, that is our advice. i would not be able to say -- these are matters for the bangladeshis to resolve. >> staying with bangladesh. the opposition has called for a national strike protesting the conviction of a leader of the jamaat-e-islami party for war crimes. most deaths have occurred in recent violence between police and demonstrators. our correspondent in bangladesh we are not aiming for security reasons. >> protesters fighting police. 280 kilometers north of the capital, there has been more violence in the early hours of sunday morning. police stations were attacked in several people killed. the local administration has called in the military to restore order. it is the first time the military has been deployed to the streets of bangladesh since 2009. protesters across the country are supporting calls for the jamaa
experience changed directors physically, mentally. while directing the documentary john ford took over the camera when his cameraman was killed. ford himself was later shot in both legs and lost sight in his left eye. ford's experience of combat shaped "they were expendable," an elegy navy picture about sacrifice and defeat made at the end of the war. during the war, ford held the rank, lieutenant commander in charge of the field photographic branch at the office of strategic services. he was glad to get away from hollywood. he'd always wanted to be a naval man from way, way back. he failed to get into annapolis when he was a young man and went to hollywood. (narrator) ford's end-of-war hommage to those that served starred robert montgomery and john wayne. slug, he was always quotin' verse... (narrator) wayne had built a reputation as a b-movie tough. bits of poetry... (narrator) but ford changed all that. so here's one for him. it's about the only one i know. under the wide, starry sky, dig the grave and let me lie, glad that i lived and gladly die. many of these hollywood films were
of the change that is needed. the government side is being opportunistic. >> this time it'll break the record. an april 14 we will give him more thans 10 million. >> we're joined live from caraca. capriles is going to stand, do you think? >> it looks like he will. it would be a huge surprise if he does not. we're waiting for his announcement. he said it to be some time later today. this is what we're waiting for. there's one reason why he will most likely run. the opposition does not have the time to get any other candidates. he is the most logical person. he ran against hugo chÁvez in 2012. he lost by about 1.6 million votes. given the campaign and time frame which will only been 10 days before the april 14 election, they have nobody stopped to go to. we do hope that he will announce that he will be the candidates of the opposition running against nicholas mindoro. >> does capriles have any possibility of winning? >> it is going to be difficult. even his own people are saying this will be a difficult campaign. there is so much emotion building up right now for hugo chavez and so much passio
weeks, troop buildups on the border. the change in this story is the expectation was there could have been more conflicts between the two sites rather than implementing the peace deal. this seems to be a turnaround in the shooting positions between both governments and they are keen, it seems, because it is in their economic interest to get the oil back on that also involves pulling troops back from the border. >> the u.n. children's body unicef says to wonder thousand children in mali at risk of death or injury from unexploded bombs after weeks of fighting between french-backed troops and armed groups. >> the child arm blown off in a terrible accident. he was out with friends when it picked up a grenade and it exploded in his hand. then i knew it could be dangerous but i was -- >> i knew what could be dangerous, but i was curious. >> it happens outside his family's compound. his mother is devastated. >> my son has a missing arm. he can't work any longer. he can't do anything. it is very, very sad. >> to the united nations children's by unicef said the grenade was left behind during l
they were pleased that president obama is visiting bethlehem. they know that it won't change any of the situation on the ground. they really wanted to highlight how difficult it is for them here, how much the tourism industry has suffered. ,he israeli system of permits the separation walls have really cut off bethlehem from jerusalem. they talk about the fact that tourists who come to this area, even though there are millions of them, very few of them go out and see the streets of bethlehem and visit the shops. they say that is because israel ,ontrols the tourism industry that the palestinian businessmen cannot going to israel to collect the tourists and build their industry here. bethlehem has a very high unemployment rate. it's one of the highest in the west bank, at more than 20%. quiteincredible -- incredible when you think this is one of the biggest tourism sites in the west bank. >> thank you, reporting from a very stormy and wendy bethlehem. it is a diplomatic dispute -- and windy bethlehem. it is a diplomatic dispute. why two italian marines are heading back to india to f
happened. >> having the former "baywatch" star involved may not change things overnight but is likely to involve many more berliners in what could be called wall watch. al jazeera, berlin. >> a palestinian prisoner who had been on a long hunger strike had been given a hero's welcome in the gaza strip after being released from an israeli jail. he arrived at a hospital in gaza city and was freed under the condition he not leave gaza the next 10 years. he was originally released from prison in 2011 but rearrested last year, accused of breaching his relief terms by contacting hamas. at least 1,000 other palestinians were also freed years ith iman but two ago, under israeli law can be sent back to jail based on secret evidence. the lawyers are fighting the law in the supreme court. we now have a report from the occupied west bank. >> this father and son work quietly, thinking about who is missing. his other son has been arrested again by the israeli army. the family says yousouf was trying to start a new life but the army wouldn't let him. >> they'd call him up from 8:00 in the morning to
effects. >> even though there has been a change of leader, tensions from very high between the two sides. even both sides of the border. >> that is right. in the last four days, the leader of north korea has made four visits to military installations of various types, had on monday, it was the large exercise for amphibious landings being wiped out by north korean troops and reported to be very satisfied with the results. south of the border, the south korean navy staged a drill of its own marketing, three years since that period as low as the reallyy publicized deal, formalizing how both of these allies would respond to north korea and provocations. attacking the origin of the provocation, the united states would come manhattan with assets here. only ise fears that not this a time with limited conflict at a higher risk of happening, it is the sort of rhetoric on both sides looking to avoid. >> thanks, harry. a group of women in southwestern colombia have built a sustainable community from waste. they have provided some help from livestock. it is either grown or recycled. it is sustainabl
something that you want in your life that you'd like to see change, that you'd like to see happen, and you're going to draw a picture that depicts that for you - something that you can focus on, that you can hold that thought while you're participating in this exercise. so you take this card, and you'll make a drawing or a design, whatever you'd like, and you're going to color it, so that your total focus and your intent is placed on that card, with no distraction. >> okay, now, when - then, as we'll see, i'll have a blindfold on, and i'll be out in the field. now, by focusing on this card or the image that i'm about to draw, then i'll be able to hopefully come to that card, even though blindfolded? >> okay. from that point, you'll be blindfolded, and that is to stop the sensory perception, so that you don't see anything - you're totally within yourself. we will have already put that card on the field, with the drawing against the fence, so that the only thing one sees is a blank - so it's all blank cards out there. if you would have had your eyes open, that's all you would see is blank ca
. now, wait! shut up! you killed him. for two cents i'd change my mind and turn you in. please open the door. vera, open the door. don't use the phone, listen to me. (kathryn bigelow) he's a on a downward spiral from which he cannot emerge. and the more he tries to eradicate the situation, the worse it gets. (man) vera, don't call the cops, listen, i'll break the phone. (jean-pierre gorin) there is a complete wackiness in a film like "detour." there's the wackiness of getting a murder scene with a phone cord and someone yanking the stuff and on that level it's part three stooges, part marx brothers, part completely surrealistic. it's sloppy, it's smelly. it's disreputable. what's nice about film noir, it's disreputable filmmaking. the last scene in "detour," didn't have a seal of approval. it was all made. (martin goldsmith) there is somebody who actually killed somebody and what is he doing? he's hitchhiking around. (man's thoughts) someday a car will pick me up that i never thumbed. (martin goldsmith) so i put in just a few lines. (man's thoughts) yes, fate, or some mysterious for
, and i've been in chicago here for 16 months. so it's a big change for me now. >> what brings you down here? >> just a new change of life. i grew up on the reservation in a small community, and i just figured it's time to enjoy the country and meet new people, and i enjoy doing what i'm doing being here today. >> well, we sure appreciate having you here. now we just spoke in our notes, and you had a chance to look at them, about purification rituals, and you mentioned that we might start out our little conversation today with one. in fact, i need to be smudged, i believe. >> yes. >> can we do that? >> sure. >> okay. i'm about to be smudged, and believe me, i need it. you're lighting some sage - we have some aromatic sage here. >> sage and cedar. >> sage and cedar. >> sage means wise; does it not? >> well, it certainly does. >> and you need to get wise. >> i need to get wise here - yeah, that's true. okay. oh, that's - i can smell it already. reminds me of my california days - sage. hey, folks, this is a family class. okay. now, tom, what will this be doing? >> this is to purify, to cle
wins the presidency, do you expect any changes? >> an interesting question. their involvement in somalia will stay as it is. the amazon union in somalia has been a encouraged at the moment. they have taken great steps to maintain peace and rest power from the troops, which was a financial hub. that will be maintained, i think. >> thank you very much freer in sight. thank you for airtime. hugo chavez has taken a turn for the worst, coming down with a severe lung infection well undergoing chemotherapy. >> venezuelan television brings us the latest on the health of hugo chavez. >> is respiratory function as related to his depressed immune system. >> the somber update is designed to placate protesters on the street, who have been demanding more information on their leader's condition. they symbolically join hands to show that they feel trapped under this government. >> until they tell us the truth, we will not get off the streets. >> protesters are getting their message out. this placard reads that they want a free and sovereign venezuela with clear information as rumors persist.
/11, a u.s. transport authorities say the changes allow them to focus on more serious safety threats. a top russian ballet dancer has admitted he was behind an acid attack on the bolshoi's district director. pavel dmitrichenko is one of three suspects being held. sergei filin was badly damaged when a masked driver threw acid in his face. dmitrichenko explains why he was arrested. >> an attack against the artistic director, masterminded the attack, but not to the extent it eventually happened. >> the czech president says treason charges against him are politically motivated. the upper house of parliament, dominated by the left-wing opposition, had told it to prosecute the right-wing leader because he had ordered an amnesty halting several high- profile fraud cases. he will end his tenure as president on display. train drivers and portugal have gone on strike. they claim the government is not willing to talk. the strike has jammed traffic in the capital lisbon. the foreign minister in bulgaria has granted british politicians who claim the u.k. is flooded with foreign nationals to be a dangero
will present evidence that he believes will change the results and turn it into a runoff to the supreme court. he has 7 days to do that. the supreme court has 14 days to respond. at the moment, if he does can is, then uhuru kenyatta president and will be inaugurated on march 26. >> let's take a bigger picture view of things. i have not seen much of a reaction so far to the selection from the international community. do you get the sense, being on the ground as long as you have during this process, that the election has essentially come off as being fair and transparent? i think certainly that is what international observers have found in their report. this is probably one of the most monitored elections in kenyan history with hundreds of observers around the country. they have come out and said they believe it is a fair decision, but i think we have to wait and see when the dust settles if this election is contested. so far, there has been a serious claims made against this election to the supreme court, no serious evidence presented that it was anything but fair and transparent. >> staying w
to punish north korea for their actions. there is a change. the question is, how far is china going to go? how far will they implement the sanctions? we will have to see. >> thank you for talking to al jazeera. mexico's president marks his 100th day in office. as a candidate, and rita -- enrique pena nieto on this to usher in a new era of prosperity for mexicans. a look at how much she has actually delivered. >> 100 year -- days into his term, mexico' as president declared he is well on his way to making x ago a safer and more prosperous country. >> every decision we have taken has followed the great objective we had. to transform mexico. >> he said his government was setting in motion a series of reforms to make the transformation possible. some have been launched under his so-called tax for mexico. they showed just what direction his government is taking. the first was a workplace reform that made it easier for companies to hire and fire workers. then came the changes to education. teacher evaluations and other reform to take some of the control away from the powerful teachers union. a
appearance will be on sunday. we are when the pope -- told this might change on sunday. the vatican expects a lot of people in st. peter's square. it may be on about any on which he made his first appearance yesterday after he was elected. theuesday, it should be official inauguration of the pope. that is usually a mass attended by many world leaders. he receives the ring with which he will seal everything. it is the ring that each pope gets once he is elected. and it gets destroyed after the -- ors demised or he cut he resigns. the vatican is happy to have a new pope and for the holiest week in the catholic faith -- have a new pope before the holiest week in the catholic faith. >> is he the right person for this? there is certainly a lot of hope. there are a lot of people who will tell you that he was elected and it indicates the church is going to seriously tackle all these issues of the sex scandal, but also the very much needed reforms. he is an outsider when it comes to the vatican. the central government of the vatican has always been quite opec. opaque-- he is considered a man of the
and talk and communicate about what happened. >> having a former baywatch star involved may not change things overnight, but it is likely to involve many more berliners in what could be called wall watch. >> millions of people in the philippines are still dealing with the fallout of a typhoon that devastated the country three months ago. is left of her of les banana plantation. with two packing houses shut down and all of the 74 employees laid off, he said he feels helpless. >> not even in our slightest imagination -- we never thought this devastation could happen to us. everything was gone in an instant. >> it was the strongest typhoon to ever hit the southern philippines and killed over 1000 people. many who survived are struggling to get their lives back together. more than 300,000 people in the region depend on the banana industry for their livelihood. the philippines is the world's producer of-largest bananas. with a quarter of its crop damaged last year, it is estimated to hundred million dollars of harvest -- $200 million of harvest have been lost. the industry was already in tr
. but here there is still the hope that they can actually go out and do things and change things and make a better a rack. an iraqir we spoke to foreign minister and he said that iraqi politicians are responsible for failing iraqi citizens. >> unfortunately, recently the number of attacks has increased. a few days ago the terrorists stormed the justice ministry in downtown baghdad. car bombingsthese that indicates one thing. political differences and discourse among iraqi politicians and leaders have contributed a great deal to this lack of security. and the weaknesses also of the security regime that is in place to allow all this infiltration, and really those people should be held accountable for this lack of vigilance, lack of seriousness to protect the people. whenever you have political differences and an inability to resolve them, you will see an escalation in the attacks or the duration in the security situation. this has been a cardinal rule in the new iraqi. i think a rack was not responsible for -- i think iraq was not responsible for the failure. we have to blame more ourselves
and oppression and huge injustice but what has changed? one day you find work, 20 days you are without work. >> iraq is considered one of the worst places in the world to do business. but the rewards are huge. this latest division is between the rich and poor. >> the u.s. state department says it is in negotiations with rwanda to send a congolese rebel leader to the international criminal court. the handed himself over to the u.s. embassy after seven years on the run. the u.s. said he specifically asked to be transferred to the hague. 8 filipino men have been charged with terrorism offenses -- offenses in malaysia, said the be part of a rebel group which attack malaysian soldiers and several states. they are the first to be charged over the territorial dispute. if convicted, they could face the death penalty or bring up to 30 years in jail. 19 polish miners have been rescued after being trapped underground for over seven hours. there were stuck around 900 meters below ground level. an earthquake had caused the mine to collapse. officials say one person is being treated for minor injuries bu
this morning and he put a note down and he got the chocolate bars for change. so we will see where we are at the moment. >> thank you very much. we can now in go to our top story, barack obama's trip to the middle east, his first trip to israel and the west bank as president and he started off on the israeli side and crossed over for a few hours in ramala. i believe we can bring in nicole andston who is in ramala she has been following the president's trip. tell us what is happening so far. >> the two leaders have had a meeting and they have also had lunch. they met for an hour and a half. we are expecting a press conference to start anytime soon. three mainy to be things. to free settlement construction , the 1967 lines, and the freeman release of palestinian political leaders. but the chances of getting these kinds of push out of the u.s. to put pressure on israel does seem are very remote. of it is believed that some this charm offensive is trying to win over the israeli public to try to get their trust, tube held their trust -- two build their trust is to put together process.e pr
will make changes like removing prison sentences as punishment. it may also make some additions. >> they want to put one new we cannothich says apply this law to prevent freedom of the press. >> a court press council was set up last year to write a media law. it appears to have been sidelined by the government doesn't plan to devise its own legislation. that has left journalists and publishers feeling they have already lost
on changing but it's the same. i worry about problems happening between people. resign nk governments and are it has left many reassi business goes on as usual. >> some are trying to stay hopeful the party's move could pave the way for a unity government but most don't have such hope. one said the party just bandoned ship. ne accusation accused him of succumbing to pressure to start a fight with hezbollah. a few asked, why now? there is consensus here the root of the crisis lies in the syrian conflict, which has pole orized lebanese and crippled government. for now his cabinet will continue to run the country as caretakers until a new government is formed, but neither camp in lebanon has the numbers in parliament -- parliament to form a government alone. tensions are on the rise and have turned into clashes in some areas, like northern tripoli. the war is raging with no end very ht and that makes is difficult to see the lebanese factions coming together at a time in other forces in the area are mobilidesing for more confrontation. >> teams are searching what is left of a refugee camp
, people are wondering what might change. they have an overwhelming fear that things could get worse. andrew simmons, al jazeera. our u.n. correspondent spoke to us about the security situation in the city. >> it is a little bit calm in the neighborhood we are in. we are in the u.n. compound about 4 kilometers north of the city center. was early in the morning. entered the city fairly quickly and easily. the sporadic shooting and fighting has been going on and throughout the day and into the evening as well. they took over the presidential palace earlier this morning. the former president has left the country with his family. he is in congo. there has been an announcement by the senate, coalition -- seneca coalition, naming their former minister of defense, as the new president. the situation is rather precarious grip most residents are in their homes. houses have been looted. offices have been looted. the u.n. promises, -- premises, ngo premises, private communications, banks, pretty much everything has been looted. there have even been reports of the hospital being used, the pediat
change more. >> al-jazeera, south korea. >> an armed group from the colombians, which calls themselves the army invaded malaysian territory. at least 72 people have been killed between the fighters and forces. india's richest politician has been killed. bharadwaj was killed and his farmhouse. in mobile phone applications from a 17-year-old british schoolboy has made more money than most of us will make in our entire lives. sounds easy enough. it summarizes the entire web consise soon -- into summaries. 's was just made yahoo! youngest employee. columbia, famous for its drug cartels, have a group of woman using anything recyclable to build a sanctuary. we have a report from their village. >> it just outside the city, a group of women are making a difference. ec- are creating their own village, a peaceful place isolated from the violence that affects so much of columbia. by ae village is run commission of women. the men help us in some of the work, but the truth is we have done it all. sometimes, they want to decide and we take their opinions, but that's about it. >> year, the priority i
has gone completely, but nevertheless it had is -- it has excited scientists because he could change the way infants are treated. they stressed in the meantime this is one case, and preventing the transfer from mother to child remains the primary objective. >> nine people have died in a freak blizzard in northern japan. among the dead, a mother and her three children after their car hit a snow bank and they were trapped. >> the ending of the derailed train -- the engine of the derailed train could barely be seen. the driver was moving along tracks covered in deep snow. there was a strange noise, and the first of the trains of six carriages jumped the tracks. rescue workers spent several hours trying to free the passengers and crew. >> i thought for a second there was a possibility of me spending the night in the train. >> we were in their own while and quite tired. >> this was one of the consequences of the severe snowstorms hitting the region. a blizzard killed several people. a family of four died of carbon monoxide poisoning after their stranded vehicles exhaust-became clogged wit
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